The FSA’s 2013-14 Basic Monitoring Policy for Banks


Event Report

Mr. Sasaki from the FSA’s Inspection Bureau gave an overview of the monitoring policy for banks for 2013-14.




IBA Japan is pleased to welcome back Mr. Sasaki from the FSA’s Inspection Bureau to give an overview of the monitoring policy for banks for 2013-14. The new policy, which was released on 6th September, marks a change to the FSA’s inspection approach. Attendance by GMs, control and front office staff is strongly encouraged. The new “FSA Basic Monitoring Policy for 2013-14” is available at:


Mr. Sasaki will address a number of issues associated with the new policy including:

  • Seamless monitoring (off-site and on-site) as part the new joint monitoring framework;
  • How the FSA will carry out a ‘stocktake’ of firms to assess their risk profile (which will include firms’ global strategy, governance and the role of a Japan branch); and
  • The desire of the FSA to have closer communication with the global management of firms and cooperation with their home country regulators

Mr. Sasaki is a very experienced financial regulator. He has a good deal of experience including the on-site inspection of financial institutions, risk-based approach to supervision, internal- and external-audit functions, anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. From 2007-10, he was Director of the Strategy and Coordination Division at the SESC, before moving to the Inspection Coordination Division at the FSA in 2010. In July 2011, Mr. Sasaki assumed the position of Deputy Director-General of the FSA’s Inspection Bureau. He has given several presentations to IBA Japan before, including most recently in October 2012. 

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