Intelligent Automation: What new products and services can it deliver?


IBA Japan Seminar

This presentation by KPMG’s NY Director and Japan’s Foreign Sector Leader, will set out what is Intelligent Automation (IA), and what its future impact on the industry might be. Drawing from his experience in developing and implementing IA systems, Stefan Peekel will discuss some examples of how this evolving technology can be applied into industry settings. Adnan Raza will then discuss the changes and impact being observed in Japan.

The key points of this presentation will include:

· What is Intelligent Automation? And what is its role in the financial services industry?

· What are the current key trends, efficiencies and processes that intelligent automation
can deliver?

· Where can Intelligent Automation be applied and to what effect? What are some of its
benefits and limitations?

· What are the current global trends, and what are the developments taking place in Japan?

Stefan Peekel

Stefan Peekel is a Director at KPMG New York’s Intelligent Automation practice, which considers technology applications across several industries.

Stefan has developed his career within KPMG building on his expertise in IT auditing and advisory, and becoming increasingly involved in the innovation, infrastructure, and strategic investment sectors. He has a strong background in emerging technologies, information management, business IT alignment, IT organizations, IT infrastructures and Intelligent Automation.

Stefan developed the Intelligent Automation Trend index which is used by Global KPMG’s network and KPMG’s own back-office Intelligent Automation strategy.  He has also worked with large investment banks in: optimizing the use of technology for Finance and HR functions; setting up Centres of Excellence; and developing pilots for both Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning.

Stefan is a part-time teacher at the Amsterdam Business School and is heavily involved in the US, Dutch, Hong Kong and Australian start-up communities. He is also a professional field hockey umpire.

Adnan Raza

Adnan Raza is the Foreign Sector Leader of the Financial Services Advisory Division at KPMG AZSA LLC, where he specializes in risk, financial control and compliance. He is the lead advisory partner for several banks operating in Japan. Adnan is a US CPA which he gained in his native California.

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