Executive Committee

Executive Committee (Exco) is in charge of operating IBA Japan.
Directors are elected from amongst all member firms.
All members of Exco are Representatives in Japan of their firms.

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Mr. Alberto Tamura

IBA Japan Chair & Representative Director

President and Chief Executive Officer
Morgan Stanley Japan Holdings Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zenji Nakamura

IBA Japan Vice Chair (Member Affairs)

President & Representative Director,
UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd.


Mr. Bruno Gaussorgues

IBA Japan Vice Chair (Finance and Administration)

Representative Director and Group Country Head, Japan

Societe Generale Securities Japan Ltd.

Mr. Kosuke Morihara

Country Manager for Japan
Representative Director & COO
Barclays Securities Japan Limited

Mr. Benjamin Lamberg

Japan Country Officer and Chief Executive Officer

Credit Agricole Group

Mr. Makito Nagahiro

President & Representative Director Natixis Japan Securities Co., Ltd.
Senior Country Manager & CEO
Natixis Tokyo Branch

Mr. Mitch A. Mason

Chief Executive Officer, Japan
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.

Ms. Tamao Sasada

Country Executive for Japan

Bank of America

President and Representative Director

BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd  

Mr. Yusuke Asai

Chief Executive Officer, Japan

Standard Chartered Bank

Mr. Marc Luet

Japan Cluster and Banking Head



Mr. Edward Weeks

President and CEO, Country Manager, Japan

Chairman, HSBC Securities (Japan) Limited, Tokyo Branch

HSBC Group Japan

Ms. Janari Tonoike

Country Head of Japan

National Australia Bank Limited, Tokyo Branch