AIMA Japan Annual Forum 2023

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In 2015 AIMA introduced its inaugural regional flagship event – the AIMA APAC Annual Forum, which aims to bring together over 600 policy and regulatory figures, hedge fund and alternative investment managers and other Asia-Pacific thought leaders to address the key regulatory, policy and operational focus areas anticipated for Asia-Pacific managers in the coming year. This year, we will return on 19 October 2023. We will continue to build on our previous offerings with more diversity in topics and speakers. 

The AIMA APAC Annual Forum 2023 will:

Bring together

  • Policy-makers and other leading regulatory figures

  • Hedge fund and alternative investment management industry thought leaders and influencers 

  • Members of the AIMA community

  • Known keynote speakers


  • The challenges and opportunities currently facing the industry in this complex and changing world

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, AIMA committee members, endorsers and our AIMA Members and friends for their tremendous support in shaping and promoting our AIMA APAC Annual Forums throughout the many years.    

For further questions, please contact Kathy Kwan.

For more information on our previous forums, please download the file below and to gain key takeaways and insights from APAC Annual Forum 2022 you can get the summary here

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