Rapidly Prototyping and Launching a Generative AI Solution for Banks and Brokers - a Case Study

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Overview of the event: 

Speakers: Joseph Lo, Broadridge, Head of Enterprise Platforms

Date:          Friday, March 01st, 2024

Time:         10:00 – 11:00 (JST)

Venue:       MS Teams (The link will be distributed after the registration is closed)



When deploying generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) technologies in the financial sector, banks and financial services firms are primarily concerned about data privacy which means making sure that they do not unintentionally surrender proprietary information, as well as the perceived risk that when using this technology, information could be transferred to unknown third parties.  Another concern of potential financial industry users is that, as they need quick answers to complex questions, it is important for them that the responses they get from Gen AI are accurate enough for them to confidently make business decisions. Finally, there are concerns that the regulatory landscape around Gen AI is still trying to catch up with the technology.


In our work with clients, Broadridge understands that banks and brokers rely on a multitude of data sources to make critical decisions. However, the time spent gathering information across the various sources is significant and takes focus away from executing trades and taking advantage of short-lived opportunities.  Broadridge identified solving this pain point with several use cases for the newly emerging chat-based generative AI models.  In this webinar, Joseph Lo will share the lessons learned from launching BondGPT, one of the first production-ready large language model (LLM) based applications in financial services, powered by OpenAI GPT-4, and will look ahead for what’s next for Gen AI.

Attendees will gain unique insights that help them create value from the incredible opportunities Generative AI and large language models offer.

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