Past Events

An Address by former FSA Minister Nakatsuka

IBA Seminar

Mr. Nakatsuka, former Minister for Financial Services, gave an address to IBA members. Mr. Nakatsuka discussed a variety of topics, including:

  • His experience as Minister for Financial Services;
  • The Japanese economy and financial markets;
  • and Recent financial regulations, in Japan and abroad
Special Events 

Revised Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds and Measure Against Financial Crimes

Mr. Chiharu Yamazaki, Partner, KPMG AZSA LLC

Mr. Yamazaki provided an overview of the revised Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds that was enforced in April 2013. He also discussed the background of the revision and future directions, as well as the framework that financial institutions should develop as measures to financial crimes in anti-social forces, with the perspective of a mid to long term preparation for the possible rise of the regulatory requirements in the future.