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17th March 2024

2024 Annual Digital Transformation and Next Gen Technology Study

I’m pleased to let you know that Broadridge released the 2024 Annual Digital Transformation & Next-Gen Technology Study. Now in its fourth year, the study calls attention to the widening gap emerging between financial firms that are leading in digital transformation and those that are falling behind.

This year’s study surveyed 500 C-suite and senior executives globally across the financial services spectrum to understand the momentum, challenges, and opportunities of next-gen technologies.

Key insights from the report include:

● Leaders in digital transformation are more than three times as advanced as their peers in foundational areas such as modernized core IT, data management, and automation.
● More than half of leaders are at the advanced stages of delivering seamless digitized customer experiences — almost six times as many as non-leaders.
● 75% of financial firms that are leading in digital transformation are now either midway or advanced in their implementations of blockchain technology.
● 44% of digital leaders are making moderate to large investments in GenAI, more than twice the percentage of non-leaders.
● Leaders are dramatically outpacing non-leaders in turbocharging their innovation cultures and investing in digital skills and talent.

You can view the full report here: I hope you find the content insightful as we push ahead this year.

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